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Prompt 006- Teachers AND ANNOUNCEMENT

Alright, sorry I'm a little late with this one, but this week's prompt is

Now you could go very literal with this and write about, for example, Laura and the fact that she was a teacher or Kara and her status as flight instructor. Or you could simply write about a character in a position to give another character a valuable skill or piece of knowledge. Sorry that this one wasn't more planned out, I just got back to school and it's a hell of a time adjusting. :)


Voting, by popular demand, will now be done at the end of the month. Prompts will still be posted weekly with a free-for-all at the end and then voting will be for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the month's theme rather than the week's prompt.
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A change in voting policy!

Would you guys like to do broader voting? As in we still have Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, then Free for All week, and then at the end of the month have big voting for everything entered for that subject?

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How often?

Weekly- per prompt
Monthly- per theme

PS Prompt 006 will be posted at the end of the evening.

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Alright. I just got back from Dragon*Con! So I've fallen a little behind with comm care. I have some banners to be making and will get to them ASAP. Until then, everyone enjoy prompt 005! I hope to see some more coming from you all! :)
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Prompt 005- Academy fic

coming to you from Dragon Con

Prompt 005- Basic Training

Boot Camp, Flight School, Officer Candidate School, Middle School, High School, College

Note, this does not have to be SET as an Academy Fic, however those are welcome! Maybe a character recalls something that happened to them back when they were young (and arguably innocent.)

You have until next Friday at 4:59 Easter Time. Go!
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Prompt 004- Location Free for All

Any location at all is up for this prompt! However, due to the change in schedules this prompt is only going to run until FRIDAY. I'm going to try to get juliet42  to post it, because I will be at Dragon*Con, however if any of the people I'm hanging with at the con, I may be able to post that way.

As a reminder this month we have had

Aboard Galactica
CIC, Ready Room, Hangar Deck, Head, Officers’ Quarters, Etc

Questions to get the juices flowing:
Who do you generally find in these places? Who would be out of place?
What goes on here at 0200, or at 1400?
What do these places mean to certain people?

Out and About in the Fleet
Colonial One, Demetrius, Astral Queen, Any other ship in the fleet
Here’s a link to an article with all the ships in the Colonial Fleet

What is the purpose of this ship?
Who would you find there?
What is one reason you would go there?
What would happen to the fleet without this ship?

Any Colony, Kobol, New Caprica, the Algae Planet, Earth (or Earth 2.0)

Questions to get the juices flowing:
Who loves it here? Who hates it?
What kind of memories are formed here?
What’s the ground like under your feet?
How does this planet smell? Are there different climates in different parts?
Is anyone from here?

Any other location you can think up works as well